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About Us: Revolutionizing Health Through Regenerative Medicine - Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets Treatment Room.

Welcome to Liquid Assets in Fairhope, Alabama. We are the dedicated extension of Bayside Regenerative Medicine, committed to revolutionizing health through the power of regenerative medicine and tailored IV therapy. Our mission is to form meaningful partnerships with our patients, providing individualized rejuvenating wellness solutions, and propelling each individual towards optimal health and vitality.

Our Commitment

At Liquid Assets, we are committed to revolutionizing health by leveraging regenerative medicine and tailored IV therapy. We pledge to form meaningful partnerships with our patients, focusing on individualized rejuvenating wellness solutions that propel them toward optimal health and vitality. As an extension of Bayside Regenerative Medicine, we bring cutting-edge medical breakthroughs and a comprehensive approach to holistic integration.

Guiding Principles

Our practice is guided by the following principles:

Holistic Integration:

We believe optimum health stems from a harmonized approach. By integrating IV therapy with regenerative medicine, we offer a comprehensive wellness solution.

Winding bridge over water, symbolizing holistic healthcare integration at Liquid Assets - connecting IV therapy and regenerative medicine for comprehensive wellness.
Two scientists in a modern laboratory, representing scientific leadership and expertise at Liquid Assets and Bayside Regenerative Medicine.

Scientific Leadership:

With the backing of Bayside Regenerative Medicine, we stand at the forefront of medical breakthroughs, ensuring safe and effective treatments.

Doctor and patient in consultation, reflecting customized, compassionate care at Liquid Assets..

Customized Healing:

Recognizing that every individual is unique, we design specific wellness plans that underscore our dedication to individual care.

Hand holding glass ball with serene landscape background symbolizing clarity and honesty in Liquid Asset's principles.

Clarity and Honesty:

We champion open conversations, providing clear information and guiding our patients through their health journeys.

Photo of diverse group on beach with trash bags post-community cleanup, embodying the value of community and partnership in Bayside Regenerative Medicine's Liquid Assets.

Community & Partnership:

We believe wellness is a shared journey. As part of the Bayside Regenerative Medicine family, we emphasize the value of community, partnership, and collective growth.

Pioneering Holistic Wellness Through IV Therapy

Liquid Assets, founded in 2017 by Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher, is built on the belief in the comprehensive potential of regenerative medicine. Dr. Kalmbacher identified IV therapy as a cornerstone of this leading-edge medical approach, establishing Liquid Assets as an integral component of Bayside Regenerative Medicine's holistic suite.

Our Team

Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher: Leading Liquid Assets

Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher earned her MD from Tulane Medical School and has shaped her healthcare philosophy through her academic journey at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her vision is centered on holistic patient care, going beyond symptom-based treatments to ensure comprehensive wellness. 

Image of Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher.

Meet Our Team: Expertise and Dedication

Jacque Price: Committed to Your Wellness Journey

Jacque Price began her medical journey as a Labor & Delivery nurse at Thomas Hospital after earning her BSN from the University of South Alabama. With experience in Urgent Care and volunteering at a clinic for the uninsured, Jacque now serves as RN and Manager at Liquid Assets.

Susie Rowe: A Dedicated Care Provider

Susie Rowe transitioned from an Administrative Assistant at Bayside Regenerative Medicine to a career in nursing. She holds an ADN from Coastal Community College and a BSN from the University of Alabama.

Image of Jacque Price, RN.
Susie Rowe, RN

Our Compassionate Team: Guiding You with Care

At Liquid Assets, our team seamlessly integrates expertise with compassion to accompany you on your wellness journey, ensuring that you receive exceptional care, understanding, and empathy throughout your experience with us.

Forest Trees

Advancing Holistic Wellness

With Bayside Regenerative Medicine, Liquid Assets consistently focuses on advancing and optimizing holistic IV therapy solutions.

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