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NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an activated form of vitamin B3.  This molecule interacts with oxygen and helps convert the glucose and fatty acids from our diet into the energy that we need to move, breathe, digest food and repair tissues.  Lack of this enzyme has been related to chronic fatigue, PTSD, anxiety, depression, depressed immunity, substance abuse as well as migraine headaches.  We also need NAD+ for sleep, memory and concentration.  NAD+  is a co enzyme critical for DNA repair, regulating the immune system and reducing inflammation. We can not survive without NAD+. NAD+ declines with age and this can contribute to a decline in mental focus and metabolism.  In one study, mice that were genetically engineered to lose NAD+ at an accelerated rate aged faster that other mice.  They had thinner hair, higher rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline. (1)  As we age, our cells can shift from an efficient mechanism of making NAD into one that is not only less efficient but is one that produces lactic acid as a bi-product.  This lactic acid creates inflammation and is one of the reasons we ache more as we get old.   Use of alcohol in excess and other substances of abuse accelerate the decline of NAD+.  If fact our bodies require 2 molecules of NAD+ to metabolize a single molecule of alcohol.  


IV NAD is beneficial in the treatment of migraines, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.  It can help restore mental clarity and in some cases can help with the tremor associated with Parkinson's .  Sirtuins (SIRT) are some of many enzymes that are NAD+ dependent.  They protect the brain and nervous system from deterioration by reducing inflammation and oxidative damage.  Giving NAD+ will stimulate SIRT activity.


There are natural ways to increase NAD+ like aerobic exercise and intermittent fasting, but for those suffering from a chronic condition like the ones listed above IV NAD+ may be needed.  There is no need to discontinue your traditional medical therapy when receiving IV NAD+.  A typical NAD+ IV can last from 4-6 hours depending on the condition being treated and the patients tolerance of the NAD+.  For chronic conditions or people suffering from a long history of substance use, you may need 6-8 IV's on sequential days.  We are not a detox facility so we ask that persons suffering from issues of substance use be established in AA, NA and/or an ongoing counseling program.  We can tell you that unlike other programs for substance abuse, IV NAD+ takes away the cravings and restores the brain.  


Dr.  Kalmbacher was trained by Dr. Mestayer at Springfield Wellness Center and uses only the purest NAD+ available on the market.  We require a medical appointment before the administration of NAD+ to adequately assess your condition and medical needs.  Please see the videos below to see what others are saying about NAD+.


Reference:  Harvard Magazine/2017/09/anti-aging-breakthrough

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