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Specialty IV Treatments for Regenerative Wellness

At Liquid Assets, we specialize in pioneering personalized wellness through regenerative medicine. Our range of Specialty IV Treatments goes beyond basic replenishment, addressing specific health challenges, revitalizing from within, and offering therapeutic benefits that can redefine your well-being.

A collage of cells, data and innovative medical technology to showcasing the cutting-edge nature of the treatments.

Our Speciality Treatments

NAD+ Cellular Vitality Therapy

An image of a well-dressed, contented man relaxing in a luxurious reclining chair, his eyes radiating mental clarity and vitality. An IV drip, is being administered by a healthcare professional.

Restore Youthful Energy and DNA Repair. NAD+ is a cornerstone coenzyme, orchestrating vital cellular functions. Our IV therapy replenishes these crucial levels, driving cellular rejuvenation and vibrant energy from within.

  • Mental Boost: Enhances cognitive clarity and focus.

  • DNA Repair: Facilitates and supports the body's natural cellular repair processes.

  • Energy Surge: Counteracts fatigue and energizes from a cellular level.

EDTA Chelation Therapy

EDTA Detox & Circulation Boost. Purifying from Within: Fortified Heart Health & Heavy Metal Detoxification. Liquid Assets' Chelation Therapy harnesses the power of EDTA, a synthetic amino acid, directly delivered into the bloodstream. Its primary role is to meticulously bind to and expel heavy metals and toxins, offering the body a fresh slate.

  • Metal Detox Master: Detoxifies the body from heavy metals.

  • Arterial Guardian: Improves arterial health, promoting efficient blood flow.

  • Cognitive Revitalizer: Boosts brain function by reducing toxin burden and enhancing neural connectivity.

Antiviral Immunity Boost IV Therapy 

Visual representation of EDTA Chelation Therapy with IV bag, metal particles (lead, red blood cells, mercury, etc.), and artery being purified by a magnet.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Graphic of the hydrogen peroxide molecule surrounded by a subtle glow symbolizes the release of invigorating oxygen as the hydrogen peroxide breaks down. This visualizes the therapy's active targeting and reduction of harmful bacteria and viruses, creating an environment conducive to the body's natural healing processes.

Natural Pathogen Defense & Cellular Revitalization. Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy harnesses the power of precisely diluted hydrogen peroxide, introducing it seamlessly into the bloodstream. As it breaks down, it releases invigorating oxygen which actively targets and diminishes harmful bacteria and viruses, fostering an environment conducive to the body's natural healing processes.

  • Natural Immune Enhancer: Fortifies the body's immune capacities, strengthening defenses against pathogens.

  • Energizing Oxygen Infusion: Amplifies cellular oxygen levels, rejuvenating vitality and metabolic efficacy.

  • Defensive Detox: Demonstrates therapeutic efficacy against an array of infections, bolstering the body's protective arsenal.

Price: $200.00

Price: $220.00

Price: $95.00

Hand blocking germ from approaching the body in a protective gesture.

Immune Defense & Rapid Recovery IV

Price: $250.00 - $900.00

Harness Nature's Defenders: Recharge, Recover, and Resiliently Defend. Immune Defense is a potent blend of hydrating fluids and concentrated micronutrients designed to supercharge your immune system. Specially formulated for cold and flu season, travel exposure, and general immune deficiencies, it's our premier solution to defend against viral and bacterial adversaries and fast-track recovery.

  • Rapid Immune Fortification: High-dose Vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants provide advanced immune support.

  • Swift Illness Recovery: Diminish the severity and duration of colds and infections.

  • Energizing Hydration: Achieve the benefits of consuming gallons of water, instantly invigorating the body.

  • Advanced Wound Support: Aids in wound healing and post-surgery recuperation.

  • Allergy Alleviation: Natural relief from seasonal allergies' distressing symptoms.

  • Detox and Revitalize: Double immune power and detoxification for holistic wellness.

  • Cardiac Care: Contributes to heart health and reduces oxidative stress.

Combat common illnesses with our potent Antiviral IV Therapy. Crafted for those feeling under the weather, this infusion offers the hydration equivalent of drinking a gallon of water, fortified with immunity-boosting 

  • Rapid Hydration: Instantly rehydrate your body, aiding in faster recovery.

  • Immunity Amplifier: Fortify your defenses with Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C.

  • Energy Revitalizer: B Vitamins to keep you energized and reduce fatigue.

Golden IV Therapy bag, gel capsules and greenery.

Price: $165.00


The Silver Lining in Cellular Defense. Experience ARGENTIN-23 – a fusion of ancient silver wisdom and cutting-edge nanotechnology. This treatment elevates your body's defenses, targeting pathogens and fostering cellular health.

  • Deep Detoxification: Purifies skin, lungs, kidneys, and colon, removing toxins and enhancing vitality.

  • Natural Defender: Strengthens the body's inherent immunity against harmful pathogens.

  • Broad-Spectrum Protection: Shields against a wide range of bacteria and specific viruses.

  • Inflammation Control: Regulates and reduces widespread inflammation for optimal health.

  • Optimized Bioavailability: Guarantees efficient delivery and absorption of nanoparticle silver.

  • Antibiotic Resistance Fighter: Provides a potent defense against stubborn, resistant strains

Image of the high-tech Trigen EBOO machine. A soft, blue-hued light emanates from the machines, signifying the purity and rejuvenation offered by the treatments.

EBOO - OxygenOzone Blood Purification

Revitalize and Detoxify: An Advanced Blood Renewal Therapy. Explore the future of medical treatments with EBOO (Oxygenation and Ozonation Therapy), a groundbreaking approach renowned for its remarkable detoxification capabilities. EBOO not only supercharges the immune system but also improves circulation, offering robust protection against a range of infections, including those caused by heavy metals, plaque, and spike proteins from COVID-19.

  • Tissue Revitalization: Amplify oxygen delivery to tissues, optimizing their performance.

  • Immune Fortification: Supercharge your body's defenses to combat pathogens effectively.

  • Chronic Illness Support: Promising results for holistic management of persistent health conditions.

Price: $1500.00

Image of energetic diverse group of people applauding.

Peak Performance Recharge

Revitalize Your Energy, Reduce Stress, Achieve More. Juggling demanding careers and personal wellness is no easy task. That's why we've designed the Peak Performance Recharge IV Drip – an advanced blend of vital vitamins and minerals. Tailored to mitigate the demands of an on-the-go lifestyle, this custom infusion ensures you operate at your best, always.

  • Elevated Vitality: Restore essential nutrients for sustained energy and focus.

  • Burnout Buster: Counteract physical and mental weariness associated with high-stakes professions.

  • Defensive Fortifier: Loaded with Vitamin C for robust immune defense.

  • Metabolic Maximizer: Infused with B vitamins such as B5 and B6 for efficient nutrient processing.

  • Cell Harmony: Balanced mineral mix, including calcium gluconate, zinc, and potassium, to uphold cellular processes. 

An image of the chest and shoulder of a man with his hands over his heart. Surrounding the patient is a radiating, subtle, soothing glow representing cleansing and rejuvenating arterial health. There is a graphic of an EKG line leading to a heart at the side.

Plaquex® CardioCleanse IV Therapy

Arterial Cleansing: Restore Blood Flow, Rejuvenate Heart Health. Plaquex® IV Therapy leverages the natural substance phosphatidylcholine, inherent to our body's makeup, to counteract cardiovascular diseases. It actively works to enhance blood flow, minimizing arterial plaque, and fostering optimal cardiac function.

  • Holistic Heart Health: Elevates overall cardiovascular wellness, safeguarding the heart's vitality.

  • Brain Boost: Rejuvenates cognitive clarity and memory, countering age-related decline and external stressors.

  • Natural Cholesterol Control: Focuses on lowering harmful LDL cholesterol, fine-tuning the body's lipid balance.

Price: $135.00 - $165.00

Price: $275.00

Price: 230.00

Enhanced Formula with Glutathione Available

Dive Deeper into Advanced Wellness


In a realm where modern science meets profound health benefits, our specialty IV treatments stand out as beacons of advanced therapeutic potential. Every offering, from the revitalizing promise of EBOO to the cellular marvel of NAD+, is designed with meticulous care, ensuring that we go beyond merely treating symptoms. At Liquid Assets, in partnership with Bayside Regenerative Medicine, we champion a holistic approach to your well-being, ensuring that every treatment is an experience of tailored excellence.


As you stand at the threshold of pioneering health advancements, remember that each treatment is not just about invigoration, but about a transformation – a promise of a renewed you.

Experience personalized regenerative treatments, tailored for transformative results.

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