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What is Plaquex?

As we age, the polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine (PC) in the cell membranes become damaged by toxins, detergents, free radicals, heavy metals, smoking, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin. With aging, the body is no longer able to produce enough PC to repair this damage. Consequences of this damage are cardiovascular disease with plaque deposits in the blood vessels, liver damage, kidney damage and brain damage. Besides making up all the cell membranes, PC also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Studies have shown Plaquex IV therapy has a regenerative and revitalizing effect on the entire body. Plaquex therapy has proven itself to be a first-rate treatment in diseases involving arterial plaquing, which is the No. 1 killer in North America. This treatment not only pulls plaque off the vessel walls, but also lowers cholesterol and improves the exchange of oxygen and nutrients in all tissues.

Plaquex therapy treats:

  • Arterial plaque

  • High cholesterol

  • High-serum triglycerides

  • Liver disease

  • Oxygen exchange in all tissues

  • Improves enzyme function

  • Improves nutrient absorption

  • Heart-lung stress capacity

  • Progression of aging

  • High blood pressure

To learn more or find out if you’re a candidate for Plaquex IV therapy, give us a call at 855-234-WELL!

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