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Q&A with Nurse Jacque

Q: Share a little bit about Liquid Assets as a whole.

A: Liquid Assets is an IV clinic where we use proven medical treatments to help clients reach their health goals and feel better along the way.

Q: What is your role at Liquid Assets and what led you here?

A: I’m an RN and office manager at Liquid Assets. I’ve been an RN for 25 years and initially met Dr. Kalmbacher 3 years ago as a patient. I had seen multiple doctors in Mobile and even flew to see an endocrinologist in Tennessee, but no one could figure out my health issue. When I saw Dr. K, she actually listened to what I said and after running several tests, discovered what was wrong. Dr. K and I work out at the same gym and two years ago when she was considering opening Liquid Assets, she asked me if I would be interested in helping her get it up and running. It was perfect timing for me since my youngest son was about to leave for college.

Q: Do you have a favorite treatment that you like to receive?

A: My favorite IV is MAH (major autohemotherapy), also referred to as an ozone IV. I have chronic sinusitis, which causes me to often only be able to breathe out of one nostril at a time. Within 30 minutes of doing this IV on myself, my sinuses are completely open.

Q: What can a new patient expect upon arrival to their first appointment?

A: Upon arrival to their first appointment, a patient can expect to be greeted by a trained RN who is ready to help them meet their health goals. We will have the patient fill out a sheet of information about themselves, sign a consent for an IV, and sign a HIPPA form. We will then obtain their vital signs and weight, and depending on which treatment they will be receiving, we may get a urine sample and blood glucose reading. We will then help them get comfortable in one of our lounge chairs and begin their treatment. An RN will remain with the patient while they receive their treatment and Dr. K will be next door in her office.

Q: What seems to be the number one reason of patient visits?

A: There are multiple reasons patients visit Liquid Assets. Some patients are looking for an energy and immune boost, some are seeking to decrease plaque build-up in their arteries, some are seeking help with autoimmune diseases, and some want to combat their allergies. Overall, every patient is seeking an improvement in their health and general well-being.

Q: What are the top three most requested treatments that patients receive?

A: The top three most requested treatments are: MAH, EDTA, and Recharge Vitamin IV.

Q: Share some of the results you have seen in patients from IV therapy.

A: I have witnessed many patients whose lives have truly been transformed from the treatments they’ve received. When patients first come in and are battling chronic fatigue and chronic pain, they have often been told there’s no help out there for them. We’ve had patients go from 90% blockage in their carotid artery to 20%. We’ve had patients with Lyme disease, who battle debilitating fatigue, regain their lives and be able to enjoy doing the things they love. We’ve had patients with the flu be able to return to work the next day after receiving our flu IV. We’ve had patients with migraines be able to walk out with their headache relieved. To see these patients regain their health and life is so rewarding and inspirational.

Q: What treatment would you recommend to a first-time patient with no specific needs?

A: For a first-time patient with no specific health needs, a Recharge Vitamin IV or Myers Cocktail is always a good beginner IV. Everyone can benefit from boosting their immune system and energy level.

Q: Explain the benefits that come from Ozone Sauna therapy sessions.

A: There are multiple benefits that come from ozone sauna therapy sessions. The sessions will help reduce lactic acid build-up, will help with wound healing, will help pull out toxins from within the body and will boost energy levels.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Liquid Assets?

A: There are so many reasons I enjoy working at Liquid Assets that it’s hard to name just one! Ultimately, I love helping people feel better and improving their quality of health.

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