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How to Prepare for Flu Season

Flu season is upon us and the urge to stay healthy is high on everyone’s priority list. Considering last year’s season was record-breaking, it’s paramount to protect yourself against the aches, cough, fever and misery. Before the virus knocks on your door, take note of these tips to prepare for the 2019 cold and flu season, while protecting yourself and others.

Don’t skimp on sleep: The number one action you can take to help combat the flu is REST. Getting enough sleep is crucial and actually helps your body’s immune system fight off germs and other pathogens that cause illness. You should be getting an average of seven to nine hours of sleep per night to ensure that your body has time to conserve energy, heal itself and prepare for the days ahead.

Wash your hands: You should already be washing your hands multiple times per day, but even more so during flu season. Consider the fact that not everyone washes their hands and the door handle that you just touched probably has thousands of germs on it. Be sure to wash your hands as often as possible throughout the day and for a period of at least 30 seconds long. If you don’t have access to soap and water, using hand sanitizer can help too!

Disinfect: Wiping surfaces down and cleaning things up around your house and work space can help keep your environment bacteria-free during flu season. Keep common surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards and tabletops clean.

Get your flu shot: One of the best ways to help keep the flu away from your home is to make sure your whole family gets vaccinated. The flu shot helps prevent the flu and is available at most pharmacies.

IV therapy boost: Getting an IV booster enhances your immunity to prevent illness and combat symptoms of the flu. If you do catch the flu, Liquid Assets offers a wide range of regimens that can help rehydrate your body:

  • Recharge

  • GI Revive

  • 15-Minute Vitamin Fix

  • Antiviral

  • Super Immune

These IV boosts help replenish essential vitamins and minerals in your body, as well as enhance your immune system. With symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting, chills and body aches, the flu virus makes for a miserable experience. Stay healthy this season and be proactive in flu prevention.

Give us a call at 855-234-WELL to book your next appointment and learn more about what regimen is best for your recovery needs.

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