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Anti-Aging Benefits of IV Therapy


Could IV therapy really enhance overall appearance, surge energy levels, and boost immunity? Intravenous vitamin therapy holds many benefits, one of the most prevalent being the anti-aging factor. Sure, the anti-aging lotions, serums and creams we use can temporarily slow down the aging process and make your skin glow. However, as we age our skin begins to lack the sufficient vitamins, minerals and collagen needed to sustain a healthy and radiant complexion. If you struggle with fine lines and wrinkles, IV therapy might be just what you need to rejuvenate a well-rested, youthful glow.


IV infusion therapy boosts the immune system by delivering vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream. This cuts down on absorption time when compared to taking vitamins orally. By delivering this much-needed healing, the body can begin its repair process to aid in correcting damaged cells. This process works to heal any damage caused by aging, as well as prevent any future illnesses due to an aged immune system. It is common for people to struggle with nutrient absorption due to the high number of individuals with undiagnosed digestive issues. When it comes to IV nutrients, the body absorbs them properly as they hit the bloodstream, thus allowing the body to heal itself with quick turnaround time.

Glutathione is a master antioxidant that tends to dissipate as we age, however it remains paramount to our health. When combined with essential vitamins, our Glutathione infusion protects against free radicals to prevent further cell damage that naturally occurs throughout our aging process. Not only will these essential minerals reduce a fatigued, wrinkled, and discolored complexion, but they will boost brainpower and stimulation.


With age, comes higher risk of neurological issues. Our best infusion for anti-aging, containing preventative nutrients for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, is our NAD+ Therapy. NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is an activated form of Vitamin B3. This treatment is beneficial for individuals who have a history of battling migraines, or who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s diseases. Providing mental clarity and in some cases, lowering the tremor associated with Parkinson’s, NAD Therapy is a game changer in today’s medicine.

Minimize the effects of aging with one of our regimens and reap the anti-aging benefits instantaneously. Reach out to us at (855)-234-9355, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding which infusion would be most beneficial for you!

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