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How Do You Recharge?

Whether you’re feeling drained from a flight, exhausted from work or just overdue for a day off, our Recharge Infusion is ready to rehydrate, refuel and recharge your life’s battery to its fullest. Our therapy service will detox your body of all the free radicals and toxins that come from lack of vitamins, nutrients and hydration. This infusion restores essential vitamins and fully hydrates you to make you bounce back fast and fresher than ever.

Did you know that our Recharge IV Infusion can be more effective than taking supplements orally? Our IVs can get nutrients right to the cells for immediate absorption and effectiveness. Completely safe and incredibly easy, IV therapy can overcome issues like nutrients not being absorbed properly. Our therapies are safe and convenient and are designed to enhance your overall health and wellness.

While catching up on sleep can feel great, too much sleep can cause more exhaustion. Trying out different recharging options for your body can be a great way to see what works best for you – like our IV therapy. Our Recharge Mini will boost your energy levels, enhance immunity to prevent illness, shorten recovery time, minimize negative effects of travel, rehydrate your body and combat exhaustion.

So, next time you’re feeling sluggish, remember our Recharge Infusion can reinvigorate you quickly with no headache! If you’re interested in our other infusion services, visit our blog and check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Give us a call today at (855) 234-9355 or book an appointment online to recharge your body’s low battery.

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