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What Infusion Do You Need?

At IV Liquid Assets, our infusions have been put to the test for accuracy and efficiency. From helping calm symptoms of a cold, flu, stomach bug and other viruses, to relieving stress and headaches, our goal remains the same. We’re here to help enhance mood, skin health, immunity and overall health for you to keep on going. For those of you tuning in to know what infusion is right for you, we’re breaking down a few of our favorites below. If you aren’t sure if IV Infusion is right for you, check this out.

Recharge (mini) $147

Feeling drained and don’t know why? Our Recharge Infusion is most commonly used to get your body to its optimal physical state and leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the week! If you’re looking to boost energy levels, enhance immunity to prevent illness, shorten recovery time, minimize negative effects of travel, rehydrate your body and combat exhaustion, this is the infusion for you!

Migraine Relief $125

*with addition of Toradol $140

Do you frequently catch a nagging headache that just won’t go away? Our Migraine Relief Infusion will do just the trick! This remedy combines vitamins with hydration making for the perfect mixture to treat and reverse inflammation all while decreasing irritation of nerve endings. Say goodbye to those pesky headaches!

Over-Served $145

*with Glutathione $160

Whether you had too much fun last night or plan to this weekend, our Over-Served Infusion will have you hydrated and hangover free, every time! Since a hangover is a direct result of dehydration and vitamin deficiency, we combine these two to create our infusion. Our Over-Served Infusion will relieve headache, nausea and vomiting, while reenergizing, rehydrating and improving your appearance. Don’t let those late nights out give you a morning drag anymore!

Antiviral $155

Are you feeling a little under the weather? Our Antiviral Infusion can provide a quick and painless solution equivalent to drinking gallons of water as well an Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C and B Vitamins to enhance immunity. Show your body whose boss and combat sickness with our Antiviral Infusion.

While we only share a few here, we do offer other infusions and shots to help your body restore hydration and replenish essential vitamins and minerals. Our B-12 Shots are available for walk-in clients that have let healthy habits fall by the wayside. If you still aren’t sure about IV Infusions, or you aren’t sure any of these are the right choice for you, check out our other infusions and give us a call at 855-234-9355.

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