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It’s that time of year: Flu season

With the holiday season approaching, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with family obligations and holiday shopping lists. It is also very easy to dismiss the return of cold and flu season. We have all heard our doctors talk about the importance of washing your hands, increasing your Vitamin C intake and getting enough rest. However, very few address the need for, and benefits of, minerals like selenium.

In a recent study in France, elderly patients that were more prone to developing the influenza virus were given 100 micrograms of Selenium each day. As a result, their antibody response to the flu vaccine increased and they were therefore less likely to develop a respiratory infection over a two-year period. Even though this study was only performed in elderly individuals, the benefits of this study are likely to occur in patients of all ages.

Selenium is a trace mineral found in soil and some foods that acts as an antioxidant and defends against oxidative stress. It also defends the body from cancer, boosts immunity, regulates thyroid function, helps reduce Asthma symptoms and improves blood flow.

There are four different naturally occurring types of the trace mineral selenium. The four natural states of selenium are: elemental selenium, selenide, selenite and selenate.

Two types of selenium, selenate and selenite, are found predominately in water and the other two types of selenium are found in soil and therefore in different food sources. For humans, the primary pathway of consuming selenium is through food, followed by water and then by air.

Most healthy individuals rarely experience selenium deficiencies. However, patients who suffer from Crohn’s Disease, disorders that impair nutrient absorption and those who are HIV positive may experience selenium deficiencies. The best way to obtain selenium is through eating whole foods such as eggs, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, salmon, turkey and mushrooms. When preparing such foods, it must be done carefully, as selenium can easily be destroyed during high heat cooking methods.

While we certainly encourage our patients to obtain selenium through food sources, we do offer a Recharge IV infusion that contains selenium and other beneficial nutrients that can boost energy levels, enhance immunity against viruses like the Flu, shorten recovery time, minimize the negative effects of travel, rehydrate the body and combat exhaustion.

If you would like to learn more about intravenous injections of selenium and other beneficial substances, call 855-234-WELL to schedule an appointment for our Recharge infusion.

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