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Elevate Your Wellness with Liquid Assets IV & Infusion Therapy

Patient relaxing and reading while receiving IV Therapy.

At Liquid Assets, we are dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of personalized IV therapy. Our carefully designed IV services combine cutting-edge scientific insights with holistic care to offer a revitalized path to wellness. With a focus on optimal absorption and immediate benefits, our IV treatments are tailored to address specific health objectives, ensuring a distinctive and rejuvenating experience.

IV Boosts for Rejuvenation

Patient Testimonial of NAD Therapy.

Recharge IV Boost

  • Boost Energy Levels

  • Enhance Immunity

  • Accelerate Recovery

  • Diminish Travel Weariness

  • Optimal Hydration

  • Banish Fatigue

GI Revive IV Therapy

  • Alleviate Symptoms

  • Restore Hydration

  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

  • Soothe & Calm

  • Rebuild Gut Flora

Glutathione Antioxidant Therapy

  • Cellular Shield

  • Luminous Skin

  • Health Defender

  • Natural Detox

 A visual of vibrant, healthy skin cells protected by a glowing bubble, symbolizing the detoxification and skin-enhancing benefits of Glutathione. The image could showcase radiant skin cells surrounded by a translucent, shimmering shield representing the protective properties of Glutathione. This can emphasize the concept of cellular health, skin luminosity, and oxidative defense.
An individual on top of a mountain with arms raised in triumph representing energy and rejuvenation.
A person holding a Flower over their stomach representing  gastrointestinal health &  relief.
An image of a woman relaxing in the sauna in a serene and luxurious sauna environment with a soft, warm, and inviting ambiance.
A vibrant and dynamic person jumping and radiating vitality and energy. There is a burst of light around the person's hand emphasizing the concept of increased energy.
An image of an iv bag filled with fruit with a small image of a woman woman receiving15-Minute Vitamin Fix IV.

Ozone Sauna Detox

B-12 Shot

15-Minute Vitamin Fix

Price: $165:00

Price: $140.00

Price: $90.00

Available as an Enhancer

An image of a person relaxing & receiving a temple massage, experiencing relief from migraine pain. The image conveys the relief and comfort provided by Migraine Relief IV Therapy.

Migraine Relief IV Therapy

  • Swift Relief

  • Hydration Revival

  • Nutritional Balance

  • Anti-Inflammatory Action

  • Nerve Soothing

Man drinking water in front of sunlit window, symbolizing rejuvenation with Over-Served IV Therapy.

Over-Served Hangover Recovery IV Therapy 

  • Symptom Relief

  • Energy Boost

  • Deep Hydration

  • Rapid Detox

  • Complexion Revitalizer

A relaxed man with a healthcare professional receiving IV for holistic healing and rejuvenation.

Ozone Therapy Oxygen Boost IV

  • Pathogen Defense

  • Enhanced Cellular Oxygenation

  • Immune System Enhancer

  • Deep Cleansing


Standard IV Infusion: $130.00 

Enhanced Formula with Toradol: $150.00


Standard IV Infusion: $145.00

Enhanced Formula with Glutathione: $160.00

Price: $160.00

  • Deep Cleansing

  • Circulation Boost

  • Muscle Relief

  • Glowing Skin

  • Energize Naturally

  • Mental Focus

  • Metabolic Charge

  • Mood Stabilizer

  • Vitamin Surge

  • Immunity Fortification

  • Instant Energy Lift

Price: $50.00

Price: $22.00

Price: $80.00

Image of IV Bag filled with clear liquid representing Pure Hydration.

Pure Hydration Therapy

  • Immediate Hydration

  • Personalized Wellness

  • Energy Revitalization

  • Muscle Equilibrium

  • Pain & Inflammation Management

  • Soothe & Settle


Standard IV Infusion: $75.00 

Enhancements: B-12, B Complex, Magnesium, Toradol, Zofran - each priced at $25.

Transformation Tales: Real-Life Success Stories

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